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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rollercoaster was sick.

The picture to the left of this post is of one of the dancing Rollercoaster girls, Ophelie.

Thats the amoungt of love that Rollercoaster recieved on this amazing night. Pure passion, dancing, socialising and Drum & Bass.

Ray Keith loved it, Shabba Loved it, Funsta said we shoulda recorded it.. he's right...

Ruffstuff seemed to enjoy it, Dj Jam had the time of his life! Truez was overhappy. Deeza & Starz smaxked it all night long. Kid was on form.

One Dj didn't show up.. so i had to get a bag of records from downstairs and do a DJ set myself!! That went amazingly, DJ Truez jumped off teh decks and became MC Truez in a quick flick of the switch.

Kane's set was with Blacka, that went well i heard. I didnt get to see it cos i was in the other room for an hour. But he seemed to be happy and in his element.

Sly' set was banging, mad banging. With MC Lok I hosting his set, for some reason Shaydee didn't turn up, sorry to those that asked me why. I do not know and may never know the answer to that.

Oh my god, one of my favourite dnb sets of the night? DJ Steppa!!! Absolutely amazing he was!! Banging our dubplates i had never heard before!! Steppa is sick, came all the way from Leeds and tore that up big time!

The vibes in this event were amazing.. so amazing..

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