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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday night promotions circuit..

Friday the 12th of June.

After a Rollercoaster strategic operations meeting, we all get completly rat arsed and play pool as we discuss Drum & Bass, events and the evils of playing pool in a dirty manner.

A few of us don't want to go home just yet, so we go to the local chicken shop and stuff our faces full of crap.

We feel the urge to go and do some promotions, as the event is next week and every little counts! We all go over to Fridge, cos we hear on the grapevine that there's a Drum & Bass and Dubstep night going on in there.

We try to blag guestlist, but to no avail, the guestlist girl doesn't have a bar of it and none of us can be bothered to make noise cos there's bare madness going outside as we watch some 16yr old kid threatening to punch the security gaurd if he don't get let back in!

We stand outside for what seems like hours, speaking to ravers that are leaving the club and a few members of the team going mental over some girl from North London that could see the desire in MC Brainfreezer's eyes..

2am.. time to go home.. we've given out enough flyers now.. no drum n bass events on anywhere.. well we hear there was something at Herbal, Deeza & Starz went up there when we all- split up.. to see if there was people to give flyers to.

Just another day in the World of Rollercoaster

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