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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Oi, come to this party. it's All The sickest Drum & Bass straight outta Brixton.

Make sure you reach...

I was at a rave that i had put on in Brixton.. Aphrodite came to Dj, when he arrived, he told me that Jackson had died. Everyone went crazy and started talking about it. Big up the Rollercoaster stonerz.. god.. this is deep.

Aphrodite played some of the sickest dubs that i've head on a Thursday night..

We do Drum & Bass, every single Thursday at Club Nsomnia. £3 before 11.30 and £5 afterwards..


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rollercoaster was sick.

The picture to the left of this post is of one of the dancing Rollercoaster girls, Ophelie.

Thats the amoungt of love that Rollercoaster recieved on this amazing night. Pure passion, dancing, socialising and Drum & Bass.

Ray Keith loved it, Shabba Loved it, Funsta said we shoulda recorded it.. he's right...

Ruffstuff seemed to enjoy it, Dj Jam had the time of his life! Truez was overhappy. Deeza & Starz smaxked it all night long. Kid was on form.

One Dj didn't show up.. so i had to get a bag of records from downstairs and do a DJ set myself!! That went amazingly, DJ Truez jumped off teh decks and became MC Truez in a quick flick of the switch.

Kane's set was with Blacka, that went well i heard. I didnt get to see it cos i was in the other room for an hour. But he seemed to be happy and in his element.

Sly' set was banging, mad banging. With MC Lok I hosting his set, for some reason Shaydee didn't turn up, sorry to those that asked me why. I do not know and may never know the answer to that.

Oh my god, one of my favourite dnb sets of the night? DJ Steppa!!! Absolutely amazing he was!! Banging our dubplates i had never heard before!! Steppa is sick, came all the way from Leeds and tore that up big time!

The vibes in this event were amazing.. so amazing..

Oh. My. GOSH!

Mass on Friday... how was that for some Rollercoaster action, huh? My ears have stopped ringing, my heart has stopped pounding (shout out to Ray Keith for a blinder of a set), and I'm finally able to look back on the night. WHAT a night it was! Plenty of ravers with just the right attitude. It was great to meet you all, and it's good to know we can get a great party started in Brixton when we want - more of those vibes are humming at Nsomnia on Thursday, by the way.

Here's a shot that got passed to me of some action in the main room. Anybody got any more? We'll add them to the slideshow. And there's any AWESOME ones, there could be future free entry in it for you...
...or even the position of official Rollercoaster photographer, but that's another story...

Cheers for the fantastic vibes on Friday guys! If anyone's got any comments or awesome stories, let us know in the comments below.

Some of you might have missed it, but I played a nice little dnb warmup in Room 2 at 11... and cause people seemed to like some of the new things I tried, I've recorded a special downloadable version just for you guys! Check out 30 minutes of fun

Dizzee Rascal - Sirens a capella
Baron - At The Drive In
Q Project - Behind Closed Doors
>>Tommy Boy - Love and Happiness
Danny Byrd - Another Dimension
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
Cyantific - Little Green Men
>> Lynx - Disco Dodo
Marky & Stamina - LK
>> High Contrast - Music Is Everything (Danny Byrd remix)
Calibre - Drop It Down
Redeyes - Pusherman
Redanko - Everybody (Danny Byrd remix)
Q Project - Cry Freedom
Chase and Status - Dumpling Riddim
Culture Shock - Zeppelin
Chase and Status - Is It Worth It?

Enjoy guys! See you all soon!

Your friend,

Thursday, 18 June 2009

God, its the day before the event..

My phonbe won't stop ringing. People trying to blag guestlist, DJ's being difficult, MC's being long. Team arranging to meet tonight and tommorow.. it juts doesnt stop!

What i find with these things, is that you have to focus on what' important, think about how you'd rather have it next time and start working on having people to answer these enquiries for you on your behalf.

Response is good for the event tommorow, i'm expecting quite a few hundred to turn up, but just in case, i'll have a team of people on the streets flyering as well.. shit.. i've just remembered.. i need to organise that!!!

Ah well blog, speak to you on the day of the event at mass!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday night promotions circuit..

Friday the 12th of June.

After a Rollercoaster strategic operations meeting, we all get completly rat arsed and play pool as we discuss Drum & Bass, events and the evils of playing pool in a dirty manner.

A few of us don't want to go home just yet, so we go to the local chicken shop and stuff our faces full of crap.

We feel the urge to go and do some promotions, as the event is next week and every little counts! We all go over to Fridge, cos we hear on the grapevine that there's a Drum & Bass and Dubstep night going on in there.

We try to blag guestlist, but to no avail, the guestlist girl doesn't have a bar of it and none of us can be bothered to make noise cos there's bare madness going outside as we watch some 16yr old kid threatening to punch the security gaurd if he don't get let back in!

We stand outside for what seems like hours, speaking to ravers that are leaving the club and a few members of the team going mental over some girl from North London that could see the desire in MC Brainfreezer's eyes..

2am.. time to go home.. we've given out enough flyers now.. no drum n bass events on anywhere.. well we hear there was something at Herbal, Deeza & Starz went up there when we all- split up.. to see if there was people to give flyers to.

Just another day in the World of Rollercoaster

Friday, 12 June 2009


Yes, its this easy,

We are giving away a set to one special DJ for the 16th of July 2009 at Club Nsomnia in Brixton, South London.

To enter you simply need to send us a link to your DJ Mixing and we'll listen, get back to you if we can and even if you don't recieve a set, you'll get feedback from the main guys that choose the DJ's at Rollercoaster events.

Competition entries MUST be in by Friday the 19th of June. Then you've lost out! So get posting and sending those links!

How's that sound?

Take the opportunity now.....

Spoke to Kane & Nicky Blackmarket today..

Sorting out set times for our event next Blackmarket is on at 2.30pm... Kane is doing 12.30-1.30am...

Cabbie is playing from 10.30-11.30pm..

still sorting the rest out!!!

This is my first ever blog post!!!!! Welcome to my insane world!!!

I think i spend far too much time on facebook talking about what i'm thinking and doing for rollercoaster.. so i figured it would be great idea to move all my posts to this blog..

I hope you can learn something from my writings.. i've got over 9 years experience as a promoter and it's all come to this point.. with you reading my words and hopefully being inspired to do your own thing..

Now.. where to start?

How about some compeitions and freebies for you all?

Watch this space.. Welcome to the world of Rollercoaster...