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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Doing first ever performance in Germany on 12th March. I've never even left England before.. this is a big deal. Looking forward to it!!
Rollercoaster Recordings LTD is currently working on DVSMC's next album in the studio. watch this space...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Doggy Style Crew

The Doggy Style Crew

DVS MC & Kid have formed a merger. They will both now be a part of the Doggy Style Crew, a Rollercoaster project, aimed at joining all forces after the recent changes.

'The reason it’s called the Doggy Style crew, is that DVS & Kid are like a pair of dogs, and we got our own style. Therefore it’s the ‘Doggy Style Crew’-DVSMC
'We aint gone nowhere'-MC KID
MC Kid is currently testing the waters with his new 'Swine Flu' song. DVSMC has flung 'Betty' out there for the massive.

Download a snippet of DVS & Kid at One Nation.
Or a recording of DVS introducing DJ Steppa from Leeds


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